My Story

My passion for fine jewelry started at a young age. I always noticed what people were wearing and often times found myself staring at their diamonds.

A story that stands out in my mind was my Aunt Sarah's engagement ring - it was mesmerizing and I would always ask her to try it on. She told me she was offered a new Cadillac or the bigger diamond ring when my Uncle proposed to her, and of course we know how the story ends... the ring won out!

As time went on my curiosity continued, and I started my almost 20 year history in the jewelry industry as a salesperson, store manager, buyer, director, and now business owner. I have developed my taste level to what I refer to as high jewelry, and have the honor of carrying some of the finest jewelry designers in the world like Sevan Bicacki, Coomi, Suneera, Wendy Yue, Aida Bergsen, Lisa Nik, and many more...

The stories behind the designers and looking at the world from their eyes is what moves me. I hope it does the same for you. Many thanks to all of my loyal clients and friends.